Bring me your students with the freshman 15, your singles living on takeout, your working moms who cook with their microwaves, bring me your overweight tired of failed diets, bring me your hungry.

No my name is not Joe, but I am as average as they come. I was a college student living off the dorm cafe, with no money and no time to get a job. I lived off takeout and microwaved dinners. I think I even ate an entire jar of peanut butter at one sitting, no crackers, no bread or celery, just the peanut butter. Finally, I found myself in grad school again with limited money, 25 pounds overweight and little time to spare. So Taught myself to cook, and you can too.

Step 1: Throw out the microwave. You won't need and hopefully you won't want it.
Step 2: Get yourself a large wok or pan with curved sides and one sharp knife that will do it all. I use a Calphalon 8 inch French Chef. Just remember Cheaper = Dull and Dull = boring.
Step 3: Become Fearless of bad food. I made a lot of really bad food. Just learn from your mistakes and hopefully you can learn from mine.

Cooking should just as enjoyable as eating. In fact, I found that I like to cook a dish sometimes more than eat it. Remember it takes to time to get used to any new skill and the more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel, and the more fun you will have.

Happy Cookin'
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